There are lot of misunderstanding about share market, some people say it’s just like juwwa (playing cards) but share market is not easy as playing cards, and some people says it’s not our worth  of business,

Yes even a common Man can invest in share market but just they need some guidance and support for Healthy and Wealthy Trading.

We have 13+ experience in Demat and trading account opening and serving our clients as sales person, but when we got to know that some of our customers who lost Everything by investing in wrong companies due to lack of knowledge and guidance

We took a step forward and started giving some extra guidance in choosing the stocks which make my clients stable in share market.

Now we came with a plat form were we get stock tips from top 20  companies and our specialised team will choose most common tips and scrutinise with our internal market research team. Only selected share tips will be given to our client.

Opening Demat Accounts – We also help our clients in choosing correct demat and trading account by comparing brokerage, margins, account opening and other charges, and we facilitate our clients to switch their accounts to any other broking firm without submitting any documents.